Chinese Dragon  Kite 50  foot longZoom

Chinese Dragon Kite 50 foot long

Chinese Dragon Kite 50 foot long
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49 ft Chinese Dragon Kite Head Measures: 11 inch wide x 17 inch Centipede Measures: 32 inch wide x 6 inch Centipede Span: 40 units with 14 inches between each unit (49 ft long including head 29 ft The dragon heads are all individually hand painted - each one is unique with its own character. They all feature:

Deer horns, as deer are ridden by the imortals and represent longevity and good luck, Tigers eyes - the tiger is the king of the beasts, mighty and strong. Catfish whiskers, to represent the material wealth. (Catfish are an essential part of the Spring festival meal). A humans beard, as a symbol of intelligence and talent.(The longer the beard the wiser you are). The segmented body (centipede) represents a snake