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SOLUS By Skyburner kites Made In USA

SOLUS By Skyburner kites Made In USA
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Features: 22 panels Higher aspect ratio Full size 100" kite

An Old School kite with all the new tricks, that moves more in the direction of a team kite. It handles higher winds with less pull and requires smaller inputs for such a large kite. The Solus is built with the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that you have come to know and expect from Sky Burner. The sail is sewn with great care and precision, as with all Sky Burner products, along with exceptional strength. This is the first kite from Sky Burner that has seem taped panels. The design of the panels come together with the sleek styling of an exotic sports car. Built with an unbelievably tough Sky Shark carbon frame, this is a Kite built to endure. Special features: Yo Yo stoppers Velcro tail weight

Solus / standard Sail Frame

Wing span Height Weight Wind range Bridle Tail Weight Poly P-31 Sky Shark Nitro Leading edge. Nitro Clear coat Lower spreaders, P-300 spine 100" 37.5" 10.75 oz. 4 mph. to 25 mph. 200# Spectra core, Turbo Offset 18-19 grams If you have no preferance in color we can ship whats in stock otherwise put colors in customer coments in order

1 Yellow/black/blue 2 orange/black/grey

3 blue/light blue/ grey 100 0/0 American made