HQ - Rush III Trainer Kite 250 RTFZoom

HQ - Rush III Trainer Kite 250 RTF

HQ - Rush III Trainer Kite 250 RTF
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The all new Rush III has been re-designed for even higher performance while also improving the popular ease of use and outstanding stability & control.

The Rush III is the perfect trainer kite for anyone looking to get into the fun and exciting sport of power kiting. The Rush 2 is small enough to learn on but still has the power and control for young or light riders to get pulled along on a mountain board or buggy in stronger winds. The Rush will fly in lighter winds, making it the perfect kite to get familiar with control and the wind window. The control bar is easy to use and comes with the flying lines already attached. Included in every Rush II you get a high quality padded sling style backpack, a High Performance Rush II kite, High Quality pre-stretched and sewn Dyneema flying lines, Color Coded 50cm (20 inch) control bar with extra long leaders, and manual. When HQ says their kites are ready to fly, they mean it!

No other kite manufacturer on the planet gives you such a complete high performance training kite package at the same affordable price as the HQ does with the Rush II.

The Rush II Features: Best-choice trainer kite for kitesurfing and snowkiting New design profiles and shape give a constant pull Easy to use Ready-to-fly, lines are already attached to kite and bar Cool looking triangle Backpack 3 different sizes for all wind conditions Provides excellent price-performance New designed HQ-Basicbar Size