NEW* Revolution ReflexZoom

NEW* Revolution Reflex

NEW* Revolution Reflex
Revolution Reflex (patented technology) with: •Auto-pilot •Auto-glide •Dynamic Wing Shaping •Amazing Dead Launch •Unbelievable Float

Impressive Light wind flying (0-8), and a huge wind window. In winds over 8 mph, more power, more fun (than 1.5 sail size). Like getting two kites in one Reflex! Super stable - wants to hover (larger sail, bigger wingspan).

New larger size sail 98” length x 33” vertical. Icarex polyester sail, with a no-fray LE and custom end plugs. Strategically reinforced pattern design, with an optimized panel layout for maximum performance and efficient flight. New custom framing (5/16” ID) designed specifically for this sail, and a free shaft is included. New Carbon Light handles with multi-knot settings, and a Reflex set-up and feature highlight DVD. Four color choices - all have the signature white and black panels. Custom Reflex sleeve/bag. Kite-only weight is less than 9 oz.

Revolution Reflex Stunt Kite Specifications:

Skill Level: Beginner Wind Range: 0-20 MPH Wing Span: 93 Inches Frame: 3-wrap