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New Sky Burner Ocius Made In USA

New Sky Burner Ocius Made In USA
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The New Sky Burner Ocius is a midsize kite that does all the new tricks, and without sacrificing tracking. At roughly 7 feet in wingspan, the Ocius stays light on the lines in light winds and because of the light pull and Sky Shark framing, stays solid in the high winds. The kite flies extremely well in a rolled up position, and will do every trick in the book with ease. Nelsons, Taz Machienes, Yo fades, Whap do Whaps, 540ís- theyíre all there. The Ocius is a best fit for any flyer intermediate to advance. This kite is really the whole package, and will really impact the 2010 flying season. The Ocius rolls up just as fast, making the tricks look clean and exciting, even if youíre still learning the basic and more complex freestyle tricks. Ocius-Sport Kite by Sky Burner, Long story short, if youíre looking for a solid kite, you wonít be disappointed in the Ocius. The Ocius is not only a great trainer kite, but itís also a great kite for expert flyers that are looking to go out and fly great freestyle. Itís also a great kite to learn precision because of itís true lines and solid feel on the end of any flyers lines. Yo-Yo stops and removable velcro Tail Weight included. Sail................ .6oz. Poly P-31 Frame............ Sky Shark P series leading edges, P1X spine, 5PT lower spreaders Wing span..... 84Ē Height........... 36Ē Weight.......... 8.8 oz. Wind range... 3-20mph. Bridle............ Spectra Core 3 pt

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