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OCIUS super-ultralite Sky burner Kites!

OCIUS super-ultralite Sky burner Kites!
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Rapid Motion! The Sky Burner Ocius is a midsize kite that does all the new tricks, without sacrificing tracking. At roughly 7 feet in wingspan, the Ocius stays light on the lines in light winds and because of the light pull and Sky Shark framing, stays solid in the high winds.

The kite flies extremely well in a rolled up position, and will do every trick in the book with ease. Nelsons, Taz Machines, Yo fades, Whap do Whaps, 540’s- they’re all there. The Ocius is the kite to take you to that next step.

The Ocius is offered in standard, ultra-lite and super ultra-lite versions to cover all your varying wind ranges. The new Ocius SUL is framed in the new Sky Shark Zero Air tubes which produced a kite that only weighs 4.8 oz.

This kite can be flown in virtually no wind outdoors and performs as well indoors. Whichever version fits your needs, we guarantee you will not be disappointed in the Ocius. Yo-Yo stops and removable velcro Tail Weight included.

Ocius / super-ultralite Sail Frame Wing span Height Weight Wind range Bridle Poly P-31 Sky Shark Zero air leading edges, 2P spine 84" 36" 4.8 oz. 0 mph. to 8 mph. Spectra core, 3point