Standard features include Ocean Rodeo's precision manufacturing techniques, abrasion resistant material, heavy duty brass toothed zipper, neck seal overlay and the revolutionary (patented) captive suspension panel designed to provide the rider the maximum in flexibility and fit. With all these features built in and easily repairable and replaceable seals, the PYRO™ and PYRO™-LITE provide riders with no excuses not to RIDE DRY.

No more putting on a cold wetsuit for your second session

The Pyro Lite is available in Black

What are the main differences between the Pyro Lite, Pyro Classic and Pyro Pro drysuits? After building a world wide reputation with our original Pyro drysuit we decided this year to expand the line up and introduced the Lite and the Pro models to complement the Classic and offer consumers a choice. All three models of Pyro drysuits are built with the same attention to detail and high quality materials. Each suit features a heavy duty brass toothed zipper, light bi-laminate suit material and repairable and replaceable latex seals for the wrist neck and ankles. In addition, all three suits are built with patented “Captive Suspension Panels” to allow for incredible range of motion while maintaining a stylish fit. However, there are some important differences between each suit: The Lite is built with a simple panel layout that allows us to save time in sewing and welding. It features a flex panel at the waist only and does not include knee or bum fabric overlays intended for added durability. The Classic is built with a more complex layout for both style and function and features flex panels at both the waist and knees. In addition, the Classic offers 400 denier fabric overlays on the knees and bum to help protect the suit from wear and tear when rigging up or chilling out. The Classic also features ankle cuff overlays to prevent shore breaking waves from washing debris into your neoprene boots and to protect the ankle material from inadvertent abrasion by your board or other objects. The Pro is our flagship suit. Based on the design of the Classic we moved the zipper forward to allow for self entry and added two new flex panels to the shoulders. The Pyro Pro also features breathable fabric inserts at the neck and shoulders to help vent your perspiration.