Pyro Pro Self-entry with waterproof-breathable panels!

Two common requests from experienced OR drysuit users have been an easy self-entry zipper design, and breathable material. The new Pyro Pro delivers both!

The Pyro Pro is the ultimate kiteboarding drysuit! The Pro gives the rider easier entry and exit with our new front chest Self-entry zip configuration. Strategically placed Breathable panels are located at the armpits and waist for increased ventilation

Like all Ocean Rodeo drysuits, the Pyro Pro is designed for comfort and durability. Layer your undergarments up or down to match the water and air temperature. No more putting on a cold wetsuit for your second sessions.

Self Entry Zipper Design Our new across the chest zip entry allows unrestricted mobility, and self-entry.

CAPTIVE SUSPENSION Our patented captive suspension panels located at the waist and knees offer insane flexibility and additional comfort while you ride.

Breathable armpits flex panels. Strategically placed breathable fabric is layered under the stretch overlay panels at the armpits and waist. The neoprene overlay stretch panels are perforated allowing the breathable fabric an exit route. The outer stretch barrier layer also provides an impact barrier protecting the breathable membrane.

EASY REPAIR Accidents happen; as such weve made the Pyro suit easily repairable. Our seals and suit fabrics are all easily repaired with no need to send the suit back. This means less time waiting for repairs and more time riding.

BOMBPROOF Polyurethane coated 400 Denier Ballistic nylon at the bum and knees, 200 denier body. Seams taped and welded. Built tough!

The Pyro Pro is available in a black / navy blue combination

Manufactured with pride on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada