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Pyro Surf drysuit

Pyro Surf drysuit
Dry Core Technology will revolutionized cold water surfing. This revolutionary drysuit technology eliminates the cold freeze, chill and excess buoyancy found with traditional cold water wetsuits.

1) Streamlined:The Dry Core form fitting outer layer of lycra forms a wrinkle free streamlined surface for fast swimming and incredible mobility. This stretchable outer layer also squeezes out excess trapped air reducing buoyancy for easy duck dives.

2) Unlimited Range of Motion:At less than 0.5mm thick and made of two independent layers this suit offers an unlimited range of motion unparalleled by any neoprene suit now available.

3) Light weight: Dry Core Suits with the appropriate thermal undergarment are half the weight of wetsuits designed for similar water conditions. Lighter weight results in less use of energy and greater performance.

4) Huge temperature Range: The Dry Core Technology provides a dry barrier against the elements but it is what you wear under the suit that keeps you warm! Just like snowboarding or skiing you match your undergarment to the conditions.

5) Fast Dry: The Dry Core bladder will not absorb water. When wearing a wetsuit, second sessions are ruined by the torture of donning your wet and cold wetsuit. With Dry Core just shake the dry suit a few times and put on a set of fresh fleece. No more putting on a cold wetsuit for your second session!

6) Easy to Clean and Service: The two layers of Dry Core easily separate for servicing by means of Velcro fastening strips found at the wrists, ankles and zipper.