September 13th 2020 Dekalb 15th annual

September 13th 2020  Dekalb  15th annual
Colorful kites showcasing all types of whimsical and magical creations will fill the skies at the 15th Annual DeKalb Kite Festival Sunday,September 13th 2020 , 11 a.m.-4 p.m.


Many featured kites defy description, including “fighting kites” and a “head-turning display of three, 90-foot-long octopus kites called octopile. Other kites will include: stunt and dancing kites, Mimi the Pink Ladybug, Teddy Bear, owl, manta ray and cat kites.

Kite Fest 2019 will be held in the field of NIU’s “North 40,” at Lucinda Avenue and Kishwaukee Drive, DeKalb, near Annie’s Woods and Anderson Hall. Admission is free.

Building on the success of last year’s family-oriented event, Kite Fest will feature kite-making for children, a candy drop, Other organizations participating include the Convention & Visitors Bureau; DeKalb Park District;

Some of the area’s best kite-­fliers and kite­-builders will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate their skills.

Among the kiters participating in the day’s event are featured Flyers Al Sparling ,Darryl Waters, Dale Bowden, Sis and Dick Vogel and Mike Hall and the Wisconsin kite flyers club.

DeKalb Kite Fest 2015 offers plenty of space for participants to fly their own kites. Bring a kite, make a kite or buy a kite from ChicagoKite/Kite Harbor Kite Shop, which will be on-site.

Spectators are invited to bring a chair to sit back and enjoy watching the sky fill with color. Food and water will be available for purchase. Also, WLBK will conduct a live broadcast from the kite field.

“With so much to do and so many ways to participate, we hope folks will take time to enjoy all that we have in store,” said Jim and Chris Overmann, organizers of the event.

David Gomberg, of the American Kite Association, encourages participating in this fun event.

"If you haven't seen what modern kiting is all about, you really need to get out to a festival like DeKalb’s and check out the shapes, the colors, and the amazing things people are doing in the sky," he said.